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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Saving Energy And Water~

In the Globalization era, water and energy are being used too much by my fellow humans.

And these are the steps to Save them:

Step 1

       "When you don't use them, turn it off"
So, if you were using the Air Conditioner or the Lamp in your room, you should turn it off when you are out of the room. You Get It? It's like, You go in, Turn it On. But if you go out, Turn it Off. Easy Cheesy.

Step 2

     " Use it Wisely"
It's like Step 1, if you haven't read Step 1, You should, Cuz it's the same as Step 1.

Step 3

    "Use the right things for the right Time" 
You need to use the right things to use for the right Time, like, if it's winter and you use the AC? Are you out of your mind? It's freezing cold outside and you still use your AC? i only have to say a thing, go to a psychiatric .

That's it, hope it helped you ^^



Your lovely blogger, Fuji-Chan

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